Item#: 002
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

c0m0 mantener atrapad0:actualmente,EWE 002 n0 hace gran c0sa y se ha decidid0 ya n0 mandar a pendej0s a ver que pasa 0K? 0k

Esa Wea Es:una b0la de carne gigante,c0n una entrada en el exteri0r si s entra a esta puerta, el que entra nunca v0lvera

añadid0:varias pers0nas han pedid0 una investigaci0n c0n dr0nes,l0 harem0s cuand0 tengam0s el presupuest0 para dr0nes-direct0r Gaspar.
añadid0 2:ya tenem0s dr0nes-direct0r gaspar
investigaci0n:se descubri0 que en EWE-002 habia una habitaci0n que c0ntenia una planta, una silla,vari0s libr0s,ventana y televisi0n,t0d0s st0 hech0s de la misma carne que el l0 de afuera

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|clearance-two= 75,51,102
|inc-clearance= —]]]


SCP-CN-2222-J showing an abnormal smile

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-CN-2222-J is contained in a standard humanoid containment room of 6m×4m×3m in SITE-CN-12. In addition to ensuring the basic needs of the subject's life, SCP-CN-2222-J is allowed to read books and use electronic game devices that do not have networking functions. —I don't understand why such an idiot should be contained. —

Other requirements of the project are to be implemented under Dr. Blinder's review.

Description:SCP-CN-2222-J is a 34-year-old human male of Chinese-English mixed race. The subject calls itself Gary George. —he's an anomaly, so we contained him. —

All anomalous properties of the object are currently unknown.

Addendum-CN-2222-J-1: Interview Record3

Interviewer:Dr. Blinder

[recording begins]

Dr.Blinder: Please look at the camera, SCP-CN-2222-J, we need to make a record.

**SCP-CN-2222-J: **OK. (Smile)

// Camera shutter sound. //

**Dr.Blinder: **Okay, let's begin. SCP-CN-2222-J, so you didn't know anything before you were brought here?

SCP-CN-2222-J: It is absolutely true, sir! At that time, my cousin and I were about to get out of the subway station, and out of nowhere suddenly appeared two people in dark blue uniforms with -hub-page Armbands of the United Nations, holding two glowing weapons that I don’t know what they are, they shot at us without saying a word. Fortunately, I was fucking smart enough to sneak into the crowd and escape, I Cousin wasn't so lucky…he was directly stumped…

I didn't dare to stay, and fled to my uncle's house in the suburbs. Who knew that as soon as I arrived at the door, a man in a black suit appeared and fell to me-oh, yes, his chest The pin is exactly the same as the logo on your badge. Then I passed out and woke up to be here the fuck.

Fuck, so what the hell happened?

Dr.Blinder: Don't you know you're an anomaly?

SCP-CN-2222-J: What is abnormal?

Dr.Blinder: Those supernatural things that cannot be explained by science. In layman's terms, you may have some kind of "special ability" or something.

SCP-CN-2222-J:How is it possible, sir! I've been alive for more than thirty years, if there was one I would have found out the fuck out.

Dr.Blinder: Then do you feel any abnormality in your body recently?

SCP-CN-2222-J: No, sir, I am fine.

short silence

SCP-CN-2222-J: So what happened to me?

Dr. Blinder: I don't know, but I'm sure you're 100% an anomaly right now.


So what the hell are you saying I'm abnormal?

Dr. Blinder: I don't know.

SCP-CN-2222-J: Then how do you know what kind of shit "abnormal" I am, or do you have any machines that can do it?

Dr.Blinder: I don't know…but anyway you are an anomaly, there's no denying that, we all think so.

SCP-CN-2222-J: Fuck! You are all fucking crazy!

Dr.Blinder:Please calm down, SCP-CN-2222-J.

**SCP-CN-2222-J: **Okay. Then what will you do to me?

Dr.Blinder:Given your identity as an anomalous entity, we will contain you and guarantee your safety.

SCP-CN-2222-J: Does that mean I have to stay in this damn place forever?

Dr.Blinder: As long as you are still abnormal.

SCP-CN-2222-J: Fuck me [EXPLETIVE REDACTED], just because of a so-called "abnormal" identity, you guys don't even know what the fuck that thing is, so you're going to keep me locked up Who the hell do you think you are in this shabby cell? !

Dr. Blinder: Sorry, this is our job.


Dr.Blinder: I seem to have thought of something…

//SCP-CN-2222-J began to destroy the items in the containment room and row █ on the recording device. //

Dr. Blinder: You need to calm down… Goodbye, dear Mr. Anomaly.


//Supplement: After the interview, SCP-CN-2222-J was injected with a moderate dose of sedative under the order of Dr.Blinder. //

Addendum-CN-2222-J-2: Incident Report

Foundation Cleric II ████4 died of neck dislocation due to unknown reasons while writing the document of SCP-CN-2222-J.5

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** So why do we define human history? Really bored. **

We haven't done anything for almost 250,000 years. It's not our business. Of course, at that time, we were like modern mice hiding in the sewer, and then watching the constant footsteps on the manhole cover, car tires. The character is also like a mouse-sometimes afraid of the sun rising, thinking that the light can blind our little eyes through the hole of the manhole cover, sometimes afraid of the sun setting, because the night makes us unable to see the direction of progress and foraging, those our natural enemies , those products that our little brains can't understand. We take detours, even dreading the unknown.

After that, the mice became smarter. When rats have fewer and fewer things to fear, they begin to let go of those natural enemies. Then, gradually, inexplicable things began to disappear, and the sewers were filled with sewage, sewage pipes, and rotting food.

**Humanity has long since run out of fear. **After all, mice are different from humans. We started to understand these things in our brains, and once tried our best to put these bullshit things into the box we made.

While others live in the sun, we too live in the sun. You mean that sculpture? Sent it to the museum. I retired and quit. I’ll forget about being exhausted. The last time I wrote these things, everyone was filled with righteous indignation, but it’s all in the past tense.
**We dissolve, we donate, we retire. **

**— The front desk is basically operating independently, so think about your future. **

Goodbye You Announcement

Those who are active in the dark all over the world are farts. Those who should retire have retired. The brave men who carried out their lifelong beliefs and faced death have never regretted it. The goal of the foundation used to be to house the exhibits in the display cabinets of the museums. Those who have faded away , Individuals and phenomena that fail, are now under the jurisdiction of the governments of major countries, and don't worry about the rest. These "anomalies" are now fun for tourists looking through the glass windows.

The foundation finally doesn't need to maintain normalcy, most of us are relieved, those who felt their mission collapsed after that are now mostly busy looking for jobs in the talent market, or staying in the intensive care unit of the hospital (without suicidal success) And in the urn (suicide successful).

Our current task has three aspects:

Settlement after disbandment

Arrange foundation employees and supervisors who cannot accept the status quo to connect with real psychiatrists, and gradually guide them back to the track of reality.

Donate the gadgets that once destroyed the world

Some stations outside the earth are currently docking with NASA's mobile space station. In every country on the earth, every site should sell the scraps that have completely lost their anomalies and should be sold as scraps, and donate historically significant items, ancient relics, and modern artworks (I mean you who are COOL every day) to the country museum.

Staff retirement and future work arrangements

The foundation is currently working with the GOC to communicate with the government about the amount of funds and subsidies to be distributed. These funds should be sent to employees aged 50 and over in all foundation sites, and middle-aged people aged 45-50 should obey the relevant government arrangements. Work, employees aged 45 and under, please bring your academic qualifications before entering the site to the talent market and the company for interviews.

after that

Go their separate ways.

land reclaimed by the government

Fuck those object-classes and facility that are being recycled by the government. Fuck that fucking anomaly category, fuck that crap, bye, bye.

Invalid and redundant security level

Security Clearance Levels is now a decoration, and the employee information in the database is still available because some contact information is still available, resulting in being harassed by promotional advertisements every day.

The status quo of some former hostile institutions and related organizations

Ambrose Restaurant (Ambrose Restaurants)


**Overview: **Ambrose Restaurant has since become a large fine dining chain restaurant. The old site left by Ambrose Restaurant in the early days is now being refurbished, located in different shopping malls, streets, and commercial streets around the world. After Anomaly, Extradimensional disappeared. These restaurants specialize in what they used to do: anomalous food and culinary practices that have been completely forgotten by current employees, who view Ambrose's as a chain restaurant.

Anderson Robotics (Anderson Robotics)


Overview: Anderson Robotics was disbanded after the concept of "abnormality" disappeared. The second reorganization was due to several old employees thinking that some of these blueprints could be transformed into real practical machines.

As the second largest manufacturer in the world comparable to Boston Robotics, their YouTube channel became popular instantly because of a few short videos shot by passers-by.
Currently, the main business scopes are:

  • Sweeping robot
  • drone
  • self-driving car
  • Preschool toys

Are We Cool Yet?


Overview:Are We Cool Yet? No longer COOL. As far as I know, most AWCY members are engaged in street graffiti, sculpture, performance art and other art-related aspects. After being caught by the police and detained in the detention center for 10-15 days, they finally decided to find a job.



Overview:Due to the intensive global anti-drug operation, after the so-called Arcadia, most of the members at the end of the empire voluntarily applied to enter the local drug rehabilitation center, and worked hard to get on the track of normal life.

Black Queen (The Black Queen)


Overview: **[Advertisement] The largest security company in the UK, we have very rich manpower and material resources to ensure the safety of our customers! **

Chaos Insurgency (The Chaos Insurgency)


Overview: The Chaos Insurgency has suffered more than just heavy losses, although most of them, like us, are relieved that the past is history. But there are still a small number of people who become depressed and irritable because they cannot accept the reality.

After the disbandment of the Chaos Insurgency, the members of the organization basically had close relationships with most other organizations that were once hostile to the SCP Foundation. Some of them decided to respond to the call of the country and become a real soldier. I went to join the Black Queen and decided to become a bodyguard in the downtown area to ensure the safety of customers. Since there are many minors in the Chaos Insurgency, the Foundation then decided to arrange for them to go to the same school as their own children.

Chicago Spirit (The Chicago Spirit)


Overview:After the disappearance of Richard D. Chappell, the Chicago Spirit decided to really get into business. Due to their previous successful experience in illegal alcohol sales, the Chicago Spirit has a pivotal position in the modern North American market. Likewise, their The current boss welcomes former members of the SCP Foundation organization to join his company and become an office worker.

"Hey! Did you guys say our organization disappeared completely?"

"But that doesn't matter much, Chappell's time is over, now please think about how to make a good bar!"

The Church of the Broken God (The Church of the Broken God)


Overview: A waste recycling bin named "God Must Be Complete" was opened. Since their god still exists in a sense, the leaders of the Church of the Broken God decided to regroup the churches that had branched out in the abnormal era. The regiment, after a few deliberations with them, decided to make the organization "complete" before their gods were complete. After a few years, they like to send some metal materials to the <factory> to create some exquisite decorations. Make idols.

** "Our God was never complete."**

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