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The following file is Level 3/5258 Classified. All Foundation personnel viewing this file without permission will be reprimanded.
If you are over 40% human and trying to access this document, please contact your commanding Priest.

Unit #: FBG-5258

Defense Rating: Eligius/Argenteus1

Fabricated Blueprints for Guarding: FBG-5258 is guarded with a 2 km x 2 km field fenced with Mekhanium and is to be located there until the coming of WAN. The field is to be patrolled by at minimum 50 armed Archwarriors and 5 Anointed Devouts of Class III or higher. Every 24 hours, a Desolate Class prisoner is to be offered to FBG-5258 to satisfy its hunger. If FBG-5258 walks within 10 meters of the fencing at minimum 2 Archwarriors are to commence fire on FBG-5258 to deter it. In case of a breach, 3 Desolates are to be exposed to FBG-5258 to satisfy its hunger.

Details: FBG-5258 is a humanoid, approximately 3 meters tall, clothed in standard garb of Known Para-Organization 001 ("Children of the Flesh"). FBG-5258 contains many para-abilities similar to those of other members of KPO-001, including Sarkomancy2, druidry, near indestructibility, increased regeneration, and limited polymorphy. However, FBG-5258 deviates from other members of KPO-001 due to a large parasitic being growing out of its chest, referred to as FBG-5258-Alpha.

FBG-5258-Alpha is believed to be composed of The Flesh, but the hostility of both beings makes testing highly dangerous. FBG-5258 is believed to be controlled by FBG-5258-Alpha, along with gaining the abilities of plaguecraft and pyrokinesis from it. The parasite is believed to gain its para-natural powers from the consumption of human souls and flesh, along with them being required for its survival. Whether FBG-5258 consented to the control of FBG-5258-Alpha (or even human in the first place) is currently unknown.

Discovery: FBG-5258 was discovered on the 5th of Trest in the 1988th year of WAN in a cave complex underneath Kyrgyzstan. The being was contained within a stone coffin presumably built to accommodate its large size, locked with several large beryllium-infused bronze chains. The location of the cavern was discovered due to a premonition received by High Priest Vincent Mycea. In the premonition, four indistinct figures (one with a large mass on its shoulder, believed to be FBG-5258) emerge from a cavern system, similar to the one it was recovered in. Then, the Voice of WAN was heard by Mycea and said to him "Go to the distant fields of Kyrgyzstan and find these servants of the Flesh, for their chains will soon break. Guard them until my coming, and you shall be seated at my right hand." Unable to ignore such commands from WAN zemself, High Priest Mycea led a Saintly Combat Patrol to the location seen. The transcript is below.

//For by WANs mercy, we are standardized.

var password = prompt("Please Enter Security Clearance IV Code");



console.log ("1: High Priest Vincent Mycea lead the Archwarriors of SCP 89-Hephaestus "Destroyers of The Flesh" unto the cavern of the Being.");

console.log ("2: And thus Lead Archwarrior Barret says to Mycea: "Is this the place that WAN hast shown to you?", to which Mycea nodded in the affirmative.");

console.log ("3: At his command, the Patrol enters the cavern, which splits into several tunnels.");

console.log ("4. The Archwarriors of SCP 89-Hephaestus then encounter the Coffin in which the being is located. High Priest Mycea then performs a ritual to detect the presence of any para-normal being in the cavern, when he is stopped by a shaking.")

console.log ("5. Before the eyes of the Archwarriors, the chains shattered, as the power of The Flesh overcame the miracle of WAN.")

console.log ("6. Though they fought with courage, SCP 89-Hephaestus was defeated by the power of The Flesh. However, it was weakened, and so Mycean channeled the power of WAN and secured the Being, which he then transported to the nearby Forge-32, before nearly succumbing to his wound.")

console.log ("Access Restricted. If you are attempting to access this document and are more than 65% human, please contact the Commanding Preist of FBG-5258.");

console.log ("Logging Out…")

Recovered Text: Of note is that within the cavern, the wall behind the cavern was covered with an unknown selection of glyphs, resembling some proto-arabic languages. The text is currently untranslated, although a copy is listed below.

והנה סוס חיוור, והיושב
]עליו, שמו מוות. היאול
הלך איתו. ניתנה לו
סמכות על רבע מארץ
ארץ להרוג בחרב,
ברעב, במוות ובחיות
.הבר של הארץ

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Item#: 7000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Artistic rendition of the arrival of SCP-7000 by one of its followers. Worthy of note are the "pressure" lines, potentially of anomalous origin, being depicted.

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no known, effective, or reasonable containment procedures for SCP-7000. Many ardent attempts have been made, but are ultimately proven ineffective due to the nature of SCP-7000. All future measures issued for the containment of SCP-7000 are to be performed by Mobile task force Delta-11 "Edge of Damocles" and all members going out on expeditions are to be debriefed by Dr. Kranston. All research into such methods is to be spearheaded by Dr. Kranston's team.

In the meantime, due to the incredibly volatile and uncontrollable nature of the anomaly, all SCP foundation personnel are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, interact or engage with SCP-7000.
    • If the anomaly has targeted you specifically, you are to immediately vacate any SCP foundation premises. The best course of action is to "repent" and hope "judgement"3 passes quickly and with minimal harm. Most targets of SCP-7000 are only moderately injured. Attempting to violently combat the anomaly will only result in an escalation of the "judgements" severity, and increase likelihood that irreparable damage will be incurred.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, make any attempts to contain or subdue SCP-7000 without prior authorization from Dr. Kranston or someone with equivalent authority, such as a member of the O5 council.
  • As much as is reasonably possible, it is recommended that SCP foundation personnel who are assigned to SCP-7000 abide by moral standards found in the Bible, particularly those found in the ten commandments and the New Testament.

Description: SCP-7000 is a 206 cm tall Humanoid male with long, dark hair, a very thick beard, and a heavily tanned complexion who claims to be the son of god, Jesus Christ. It claims to have "returned" to Earth after 2000 years to rid the world of sin "now and forever". The anomalous individual has immense strength, currently with no known upper bounds. It is fast by human standards, running faster than Olympic sprinters without tiring. SCP-7000 also has some method of traversing massive distances, spanning oceans and continents, within seconds. This method of transportation also appears to bypass all barriers and blockades. It is not currently understood how this occurs.

The entity uses these powers and abilities to hunt down "sinners", targeting people seemingly at random for having committed some form of biblical sin. It shows no signs of hesitation or remorse in these actions, and very rarely speaks at all. Most incidents involving it end in seconds, with the victims bruised, bloodied, and in cases of great "sin" they are often left with mortal wounds. However, many of these cases of mortal injuries often do not end in a fatality as would be expected. Further research is being conducted on this facet of SCP-7000.

Another noteworthy aspect of SCP-7000 is that anyone who opposes the anomaly's goals experiences random, statistically impossible mishaps while within its vicinity. Attempts to flee or pursue in a vehicle will result in blocked engines, low batteries, or gas, blown out tires, etc. Knives will suddenly be dulled, bullets will veer off course, explosives will fail to detonate, electronics will short circuit, amongst other widely documented cases of "bad luck". It is unknown if this is a result of influence on reality and statistics by the entity, or if it is somehow capable of preemptive sabotage for methods used to combat it.

Initial reports of SCP-7000's existence came in all around the world, with the first well substantiated and recorded evidence originating from CCTV footage located in a Quiktrip gas station in a North East region of Wichita, Kansas on July 2nd, 2022. The footage showed a large white male step out of the gas station and walk to his vehicle at the pump. Upon reaching his vehicle he lit up a cigarette while throwing a cross shaped object in the nearby trash. This was followed by a very fast moving, robed humanoid approaching from off camera who leapt towards the smoker and kicked with both legs into his chest, knocking him out instantly. The robed figure then grabbed the man and threw him into the bed of the pickup truck, then commandeered the vehicle and drove off. Neither the victim nor his vehicle is seen after this incident.

Following this incident, an increasingly large area centered around Wichita, Kansas would bring many more reported sightings with extremely similar circumstances in which a large, male, robed figure would assault various individuals for no discernible reason. The SCP foundation first became aware that this was an anomalous series of incidents on November 9th, 2022 when the robed figure made a foundation personnel its next victim. Shaun S████4, a janitor with a drug addiction, was assaulted within the confines of his janitor's office. The office, containing only one entrance/exit, no fenestration, and served by a mini-split AC system could only be accessed via the locked wooden door.

Camera footage showed Shaun enter the office, and five minutes later the same robed figure, now designated SCP-7000, sprinted from the room, and was briefly intercepted by four members of foundation security personnel who were escorting two D-class to a containment chamber for testing purposes. The anomalous figure pushed through the guards with no visible effort whatsoever, grabbed both D-class by their clothing, and proceeded to run down the hallway towards the exit. The security personnel attempted to engage using their firearms, of which two jammed, one malfunctioned, and the fourth exploded, causing two fatalities. The other two guards continued to try and apprehend the robed figure, but upon turning the corner to give chase they realized they had completely lost sight of him. Upon investigation of the facility, it was found that Shaun had been savagely beaten in the showers, and was begging for medical attention.

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From: JKranston@S7k
To: DWalker@S7k
Sent: 1:00 PM, 9 June 2025
Subject: Re:SCP-7000 containment, D-Class sinning doesn't stop Him

From: DWalker@S7k
To: JKranston@S7k
Sent: 11:45 AM, 9 June 2025
Subject: SCP-7000 containment, D-Class sinning doesn't stop Him

Dear Dr. Kranston,
It is now totally apparent to our team that a method of baiting or luring in SCP-7000 is not a feasible solution for containment. No matter what our team does, no matter how well armed we are, and no matter what precautions to sabotage we take our attempts fail without variation. Even in the cases where we have D-Class stuck in a diving bell, praying to Satan, He always gets them. Judging from the increased reports we're receiving from the observation team we're not even sure if he's distracted by our procedures.
Being entirely honest, I must admit that the team's morale has been…waning heavily in the last few weeks. The divinity of the subject no longer seems to be in question to many of them and I'm having a hard time convincing them to continue testing. I'm sure you were already told about Lauren's opting out of the containment project - last I heard she's been in confessions every day since.
Please advise,
Dr. Walker

You must immediately address this decrease in morale, Dr. Walker. This is an unacceptable method of conducting ourselves in the midst of such a serious time. I understand that Lauren has previously been an important member of the foundation, and her skills will be sorely missed, but her conduct is not to be repeated or allowed in any capacity. Have her discharged from the facility and issued full foundation termination level amnestics.
One loss is not major in the long run, but allowing your team to delude themselves into having a crisis of faith is a disaster we cannot allow. They should believe more in my methods and our foundation than an anomalous entity. It is unfortunate that your D-Class experiments are not proving effective, but that just means we move on to the next phases of testing. In the coming weeks I want you to combine your team with mine, so that we can collaborate on some new methods I have been interested in. I expect you to collect *all* of your remaining members and have them prepared for this coordination post-haste. Move your personnel from sites ██ and ██ and bring them to site-████.
Dr. Kranston
P.S. I am still in opposition to having SCP foundation personnel be recommended to follow biblical morals and "repent" in the event they are attacked by SCP-7000. I understand it can reduce the damage done to personnel, and that I was out voted at that meeting, but this feels like a major concession to the anomaly. There have to be better, less appeasing manners for decreasing the activity of SCP-7000.

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From: JKranston@S7k
To: all@S7k
Sent: 12:05 PM, 12 January 2026
Subject: Re:Utilization of SCP-096 has resulted in neutralization?

From: DWalker@S7k
To: JKranston@S7k
Sent: 11:12 AM, 12 January 2026
Subject: Utilization of SCP-096 has resulted in neutralization?

Dear Dr. Kranston,
Your theory about utilization of anomalous entities to fight SCP-7000 was one that we all agreed upon as being necessary, and with our goal of forcing SCP-7000 to look at SCP-096 was successful. Until it didn't.
At 0951 hours, SCP-7000 entered the [DATA EXPUNGED] zone, and witnessed a memetic bombardment of SCP-096 imagery and was made the next target of SCP-096. The encounter between them took place approximately 20 seconds later, with SCP-096 breaking its containment cell located nearby. However, upon physically interacting with our robed enemy, SCP-096 refrained from harming him at all. Instead, the two began to embrace, and a profound weeping noise could be heard. Several minutes passed with the two entities continuing to be in physical contact, and SCP-7000 seemed to be "comforting" SCP-096.
At the end of their embrace, SCP-7000 offered a piece of his cloth robe to be wrapped around SCP-096's head. The two then parted ways, SCP-7000 being totally uninjured, and SCP-096 acting remarkably docile and agreeable, after tightly confining its face in the cloth.
Please advise?
Dr. Walker

Meet me immediately, we need to have a full team meeting to discuss this.
Dr. Kranston

Following this chain of emails and meeting new containment protocols were discussed for SCP-096. No definitive answer has been reached, however, and SCP-096 is to remain contained as before. Its passive behavior has not changed or adjusted since it's interaction with SCP-7000, but it does not let staff remove its head wrap.

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From: JKranston@S7k
To: DWalker@S7k
Sent: 3:45 PM, 23 December 2026
Subject: Re:SCP-106 and all other SCPs cannot be utilized as containment methods for SCP-7000

From: DWalker@S7k
To: JKranston@S7k
Sent: 10:17 AM, 23 December 2026
Subject: SCP-106 and all other SCPs cannot be utilized as containment methods for SCP-7000

Using SCP-106 did not work. As planned, we had several likely targets of SCP-7000 operate multiple femur breaking machines on D-class in the room while SCP-7000 was approaching. The suffering in the room and fear caused SCP-106 to immediately manifest and attempt to grab the D-class. Upon manifestation, however, SCP-7000 sprinted at incredibly high speeds towards SCP-106.
This action caused SCP-106 to *attempt to escape* from SCP-7000, and attempted demanifestation through a nearby surface. However, for unknown reasons SCP-106 could not create a large enough "pool" to use an a means of egress, and began to make breathy, grating moans at SCP-7000's rapid approach.
SCP-7000 then dove at SCP-106, breaking them both through the "pool", and they both vanished for several minutes. After some time, SCP-7000 reappeared, bringing with it several dozen individuals, all of whom appear to be lost D-class utilized in containing SCP-106.
Foundation security took immediate action to restrain the D-class and prevent SCP-7000's escape once more, but after a brief light anomaly in the room all but the femur breaker operators had vanished entirely.
I must recommend that we stop using other anomalies to contain SCP-7000.

Begrudgingly, after the incident with SCP-096, SCP-999, and now SCP-106 I must concur. I will continue to keep similar options on the table, however. Despite this seemingly invulnerable behavior of SCP-7000 there should, logically, be some way of trapping it or securing it. Perhaps a conundrum of providing mercy over and over again?
Dr. Kranston

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Incidents: The following is a series of early reports, similar to those described above. They are labelled in the format 7000-[Year]-[Month]-[Day]-[Incident #] where # is an incrementing count of the total number of observed incidents involving SCP-7000 for that date. Notes from the research team are placed at the bottom of each incident from the time of filing, and any further notes or conclusions after the incident are included in the form of Addendum-[Year]-[Month]-[Day]. If multiple addendums are made on the same day, the existing one for that date is to be expanded.

Victim Description: First known victim of SCP-7000
Pertinent Information: The victim was a known braggart at his local parish, and would often make scenes during mass. It seems he was not kept out of the church due to his immense amount of donations.

This incident is only known due to several images from a Nokia 7650, which provides blurry visual evidence. The victim was presumably acting under the influence of something, and was visibly talking with the priest during mass. Then, pictures show great motion blur around a white figure charging down the aisle. The figure, presumed to be SCP-7000, roundhouse kicked the braggadocios parishioner. An aftermath photo shows a visibly snapped neck of the victim, bone protruding from the skin, and nothing is known of what happened to SCP-7000 following the attack.

Followup research has shown us that the parishioner didn't die from this encounter, and as of 2022 he has, astoundingly, made a full and complete recovery from the incident. Additionally, he has had no recorded behavior akin to his unsavory attitude before the incident. He has now become a well loved priest in his local community. I suggest an interrogation of this victim, followed by amnesticization for all involved.
- Dr. Kranston


2028-06-08: SCP-7000 has, to date, made over 196 attacks against the Chaos Insurgency and the GOC, as well as 93 unique altercations with SCP foundation personnel at different locations. Worthy of note is that on 7 separate occasions, attacks against the GOC and the SCP foundation occurred in the same span of time. It is unknown if this is a result of some kind of time manipulation, or simply an error of time stamping, but is important to have documented. Further research is required. - Dr. Kranston

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Item#: 7000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-7000 is no longer deemed worthy of pursuing. Years of effort and research have yielded no results that can reliably impede the entity for more than a few seconds, let alone contain it. It has been determined that the only possible way of stopping the anomaly is through neutralization. There are no known ways of harming SCP-7000, and a neutralization committee has been founded by Dr. Kranston. It is to receive all available resources from the foundation, as an unchecked SCP-7000 will spell an HK-Class Deific Subjugation scenario.

There is now a foundation wide requirement to follow the moral teachings of the bible. This includes daily prayers and recitation of the rosary.

Description: SCP-7000 claims to be the biblical figure known as Jesus Christ. SCP-7000 is a male figure at 206 cm in height, wearing pristine white robes and sandals. SCP-7000's goal is to rid the world of human sin, and bring everlasting paradise to planet Earth. SCP-7000 does this by performing violent acts against those it deems to be sinners in the world until the SCP finds them purified and worthy of repentance. Failure to repent following the first interaction will result in SCP-7000 terminating its victims. It is believed that those terminated by SCP-7000 are transported to another plane of existence when they die. It is now understood that repentance guarantees survival from any attacks by the SCP, as noted in incident 7000-2030-03-05-1 and 7000-2031-07-07-106

Listed below are examples of noteworthy attacks made in the time between October 2029 and December 2035:

Victim Description: Reginald P Laggart, a prominent NJ politician who took bribes and solicited elicit pictures of minors
Pertinent Information: This incident was the first ever recorded case of SCP-7000 targeting a politician. This would later become commonplace for politicians to be made targets, and the usage of wide scale amnestics would no longer be feasible due to the constantly publicized nature of these attacks.

After a debate, immediately after shaking his opponent's hand, Laggart's throat was gripped by SCP-7000 and then slammed into the ground while still on live TV. Following several more blows, the anomaly pointed at Laggart's opponent and said "Your time shall come as well." SCP-7000 proceeded to then use the beaten politician’s body to slam through a locked door, and the pair disappeared from all CCTV cameras following this. There was no conventional route that wouldn't have been captured on footage.

Addendum 2033-03-31: Reginald P Laggart has yet to be found as of December 9th 2032, the time of the last search effort. It is unknown if he is dead or alive, but the public has presumed him to be deceased. Search efforts have been ceased for Laggart, similarly to the 4576 other politicians from across the globe that have gone missing. They are all presumed to have been lost.

Event 2039-12-25, "The Christmas Massacre":

This event refers to a series of several thousand individual attacks that occurred on Christmas day of 2039, which culminated in the leadership of the GOC and Chaos Insurgency being completely compromised or neutralized, with a similar attack made against the SCP foundation. The following is a transcript from the attack made on Dr. Kranston by SCP-7000.

Dr. Kranston, speaking through multiple communications devices: "What do you mean it's attacking the GOC and Chaos Insurgency at the same time!? Dammit, we have to make notes of either self-replication or…however the fuck this is possible! Get me in contact with the O5 Council, they need to be immediately contained and -"
All power site wide was cutoff, with the backup generators kicking in 3006 seconds later. A loud bang was heard in the darkness, with footsteps of someone's wooden footwear entering Dr. Kranston's office.
Dr. Kranston: "Th-That's you…That's you, isn't it?"
SCP-7000: "My son, you do not have to let it be this way."
Dr. Kranston laughed loudly, proclaiming: "I knew you would come for me eventually…it was only a matter of time…Tell me, just where did you send Dr. Bright? I argue with Dr. Walker about that every week or so now."
SCP-7000: "He refused to repent, and I could not reach his heart. Without my power, his soul was lost. He cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."
Dr. Kranston: "Dr. Bright was a good man - a valued individual who I would say certainly made this world a better place, even for your "followers"!
SCP-7000: "Do not presume you understand the evils and goods of the world, when you yourself do not even believe that sin exists. I can teach you, if you would only listen -"
Dr. Kranston: "Shut up! I do not have the desire, and absolutely not the time required to listen to your meaningless drivel, SCP-7000! I FULLY UNDERSTAND GOOD AND EVIL, FAR MORE THAN YOU!! "Do not presume" that you know even a tenth as much as I do! You're no scientist, you're an absolute monster…Now get on with your little "God" charade."
SCP-7000: "Then it shall be so."
Several loud exclamations of pain were then made by Dr. Kranston, along with audible bone snapping and cracking. Dr. Kranston was found ten minutes later and given lifesaving treatment for two critically shattered knees, missing lumbar vertebrae, seven missing ribs, and three missing fingers on each hand.

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Assassination of Joseph █████ █████7, the 51st President of the United States of America:

On 2039-12-26, United States President Joseph █████ █████ was 17 minutes and thirty-six seconds into a speech on recent engagements between the United States military and the followers of Christ. During the middle of the speech, President Joseph █████ was interrupted by the sound of gunfire by Secret Service agent Enrique ██████████, firing six shots off camera before his gun jammed, and was summarily taken down by SCP-7000. The anomaly then turned His sights onto the President, being escorted off-stage by other members of the Secret Service, who were quickly disposed of. What followed was three minutes and forty-eight seconds of SCP-7000 vigorously assaulting the President, yelling "Repent!", and revealed every instance the president had engaged in subterfuge, political rigging, and similar forms of corruption. After receiving no response to His liking, SCP-7000 neutralized the President.

After neutralizing the President, SCP-7000 walked up to the podium and began a speech. Transcribed below is the audio of the speech.

"My children…listen to what I have to say. I am His mouth, I am His hand, and now I am His vengeance and fury made real. Thousands of years have passed, and sinning becomes more habit and less concession. For thousands of years I have watched humanity reject my suffering to rid the world of sin. For thousands of years I have anticipated prophets and saviors, but each has fallen and failed Him. I shall wait no longer. Those who have honored my suffering and sought to repent and rid the world of sin themselves are truly blessed, and so are those who have never heard His will but still refrain from sin. Those, however, who hear His word and still sin, and refuse to repent, shall be expelled from His kingdom. My kingdom. No sin shall exist in Heaven, and His kingdom shall come down to Earth, and create paradise for all who are deemed worthy. By my vengeance, shall you be rid of sin, and through confession and repentance shall you be saved."

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O5 Council Meeting Information Packet
Meeting Subject: SCP-7000 - Termination in Research
Proposed by: O5-2, Dr. Walker

The following section is a formal timeline of events pertinent in the reasoning of O5-2’s request to terminate research in SCP-7000, collected here are the most important events taken by SCP-7000 or caused by SCP-7000’s anomalous abilities to warp fate and reality.

2040-01-01 - The nation of █████████ formally declares war on SCP-7000 and attempts to neutralize SCP-7000 by launching ICBMs at His new headquarters, located within the White House, at 0230 hours. Fourteen nuclear weapons were launched, and when they landed, it was discovered that all fourteen had their nuclear payloads mysteriously disappear between the time of launch and the time of landing.

No casualties within the projected blast zones were reported. The fourteen nuclear facilities where the missiles originated shortly after were all reported to have immense launch sequence abnormalities, and across all of █████████ 333 nuclear missiles would be launched at its own land. An estimated total of 50 million to 800 million individuals from that nation and surrounding nations would be directly affected by blasts and nuclear fallout. However, only a recorded 850,000 individuals would perish or suffer acute radiation poisoning from this ordeal, and a global nuclear winter did not occur.

2040-01-03 - President ███████████ of the nation of █████████ is found dead within his private chambers as a result of severe blunt force trauma to the head, chest, abdomen and neck.

2040-02-03 - Over 231 world leaders, as well as their chains of succession are found to be either neutralized by SCP-7000 or begin enacting reductions and abolishment of their governments

2040-06-15 - During the leading of his daily prayer, SCP-7000 announces the abolishment of world borders, as “it is meaningless to divide a kingdom against itself.”

2040-06-16 - The “Holy Wars” begin, with all remaining religious and political opposition banding together against the forces of Heaven.

2040-06-19 - The Holy Wars end. Over 670 million casualties are reported. All countries formally renounce all governments, falling under the Kingdom of God.

2040-08-31 - O5-1, O5-2, O5-5, O5-8, O5-9, O5-10 and O5-11 are found dead within their private quarters, which had been dimensionally isolated for their protection. Dr. Kranston, Dr. Walker, and Doctors, ██████, ████, █████ █████████ and ████████ are all appointed as new members of the O5 Council.

2040-11-11 - Numerous SCP facilities, sites and task forces renounce all affiliation with the foundation, and instead choose to follow SCP-7000. This comprised an estimated total of 37% of all foundation personnel, and 42% of all Contained entities, which were summarily neutralized or otherwise permanently resolved with no need for special containment procedures.

2040-11-13 - The remaining O5 council begins having dissent about whether or not SCP-7000 should be considered a hostile entity.

2042-04-14 - SCP-7000 declares 20% of the world's population to be saved by Him.

2042-08-02 - the O5 Council votes 7-6 to increase funding towards research into stopping SCP-7000 by 260%. MTF Delta-11 funding also increases by 67%.

2043-01-12 - MTF-Delta 11 has it's final formal engagement between itself and the instances of SCP-7000-1. The engagement lasted three minutes and twenty-one seconds and 56% of the MTF-Delta 11 agents died. The remaining 44% of agents migrated from Site- ████ to various sites which have aligned itself with SCP-7000.

2043-02-04 - Due to lack of manpower, MTF-Delta 11 is formally disbanded.

2043-08-02 - The O5 Council votes 7-6 to decrease funding towards research into stopping SCP-7000 by 36% due to lack of tangible returns.

2044-02-17 - The O5 Council Votes 8-5 to decrease funding towards research into stopping SCP-7000 by 85% due to lack of tangible returns.

2045-02-01 - O5-2, Dr. Walker, puts in a request to vote on the prospect of terminating research on SCP-7000, as well as removing O5-1, Dr. Kranston, from the Council.

After everything we’ve gone through, Walker, I’ve expected better of you. To turn your back on ME, and go to HIM? After all the comrades we’ve lost to him? The research he has cost me? The trillions I’ve sunk into figuring out a way to stop him? I always considered you my closest friend. I cannot believe you could do this to me. I hope your damn repentance was worth it, because you sold your soul in the process.
- Kranston.

This email has convinced me that there’s no redeeming you, Kranston. I am not letting your unexplained god complex kill anymore good men. I have nothing left to say to you.
- Walker.

2045-02-13 - At a vote of 12-1 O5-1 is removed from the O5 Council and is replaced by SCP-7000. All remaining members of the foundation shall repent, and join by His side.

New SCP logo under the Kingdom of God

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Item#: 7000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7000, The second coming of Christ, is already safely contained. There are no special containment procedures, because He is contained in all our hearts.

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ya esta?ok,mira tu mismo


. - Sheaf of Papers

. - The Prototype
. - The Gate Guardian
. - The Lock
. - The Factory
. - The Spiral Path
. - The Legacy
. - The Database
. - The Foundation
. - Thirty-Six
. - Ouroboros
. - A Record
. - Past and Future
. - The Consensus
. - When Day Breaks
. - God's Blind Spot
. - Normalcy
. - The World at Large
. - Dead Men
. - The World's Gone Beautiful
. - The Scarlet King
. - A Simple Toymaker
. - Story of Your Life
. (feat. PeppersGhost) - A Good Boy
. - Project Palisade
. - O5-13
. - Fishhook
. - The Sky above the Port
. - The Solution
. - Tindalos Trinity
. - The Black Moon
. The Conspiracy
. - You Are The Anomaly, Tumor Of The Worlds
. - The Placeholder
. - A Test of Character
sdl-ihp-001.gif - Keter Duty


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