Dossier De Idiotas

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[[tab Foundation Doctors and Researchers]]

Dr. Charles Anborough: Director of Sites 59 and 117, Keter containment specialist. Curious and crippled, a nuclear physicist who can't seem to stay away from cataclysmic threats. Fortunately, through an absurd combination of improvisation and miracles, he seems to be the best man for the job. His sad smile and dry humor belie the confused past of a man always searching for answers.

Dr. Django Bridge: Foundation Archivist. Quiet but influential, with a touch of both melancholy and whimsy. Extraordinary memory. Known to be on a first-name basis with Dr. Bright, and has frequently acted as an informal assistant for him.

Dr. Jack Bright: Director of Foundation Personnel. Somewhat amoral. Extremely loyal to the Foundation. May or may not be friendly and/or terrifying; is certainly blunt. Attached to SCP-963, and is therefore immortal, using the body of whatever 963 has last touched.

Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian: An ethics committee liaison that takes his job only somewhat seriously. He never thought his doctorate in English Literature or his minor in philosophy would actually help him stay employed, but the former got him recruited into the Foundation as a researcher and the latter secured his employment in the long term. Has an unusual interest in puns and the ethical treatment of humanoids.

Dr. Alto Clef: A highly adaptable, clever liar. Former GOC operative, specializing in reality benders. Also former file clerk. Undergone anomalous alterations that provide resistance to reality shifts and prevent his face from being photographed. Has a long and checkered history, and a somewhat hidden streak of self-hatred. Reformed misogynist. Most rumors about him are exaggerated or off-point. Don't call him genre-savvy or enigmatic.

Researcher Jacob Conwell: Anomalous Materials Analyst. Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry. Current head of the Site-64 AMat Lab. Frequently called upon, Conwell has made a name for himself in the Foundation as a hard worker.

Dr. Kain "Pathos" Crow: Cross-disciplinary wunderkind researcher, specializing particularly in biochemistry and robotics. Rarely, if ever, seen in public. May or may not have been permanently transformed into a dog-like body as the result of a particular anomalous event.

Dr. Michael Edison: Level-3 Researcher, current head of the Site-19 Metafiction department, as well as its only member. Dr. Edison has received disciplinary action on multiple occasions due to a repeated pattern of unsanctioned and ill-conceived behavior. These behaviors have resulted in temporary reassignment to the Site-██ Antarctic base. His current assignment at Site 19 is contingent on approval from his assigned therapist.

Dr. Justine 'Jay' Everwood: GoI specialist, very well-read and knowledgable on the many groups of interests the Foundation faces. Is particularly interested in Wondertainment and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. Is generally approachable but is often lost in thought, be they mundane or fantastical.

Dr. Chelsea "Photosynthetic" Elliott: Plant specialist, both anomalous and non-anomalous. Dedicated, friendly, prone to tunnel vision. Often in the field; excessively 'hands-on' in her lab and field research, leading to a number of injuries. Scars cover her hands and arms.

Dr. Charles Gears ("COG"): A man strangely lacking in emotional response (to the point of lacking a startle response) and possessing unusual levels of logic and intellect. Former Euclid-class object specialist before having his area of study expanded. Has been deeply involved with research regarding a truly shocking number of SCP objects both major and minor. A figure of great influence in recent Foundation history.

Dr. Simon Glass: Head of Psychology. Trusted with performing psychological evaluations of highly ranked Foundation personnel. Very empathetic. Sometimes considered "soft" — and that's true, for a Foundation researcher, but he's still well-trusted. In the course of his interviews, he has gained knowledge of more and more terrible secrets, yet still holds on to both his sanity and empathy.

Dr. Frederick Heiden: Neurology specialist. Anxious, uncertain, empathic, focused on logic. Involved in a number of highly classified projects, despite initially being barred from any non-Safe-classed objects.

Dr. Everett King: One of the Foundation's most experienced mathematicians, Doctor King's reputation has nevertheless been overtaken by his testing record involving unusual results. Despite this, he regularly contributes to internal Foundation intellectual periodicals.

Dr. Zyn Kiryu: Highly prolific researcher. Involved in a number of classified Foundation projects. Obsessive, driven, often not eating or sleeping in favor of finishing tasks. Joined the Foundation before finishing her schooling; finished through an accelerated Foundation program. Initially closed-off and withdrawn, but opened up due to a latent ambitious streak. She often volunteers to handle new Foundation member intake, hoping to give new members a positive introduction to an often deeply horrifying organization. Has a private flair for poetry. Has accidentally inherited the absent Dr. Kondraki's affiliation with anomalous butterflies, including SCP-408 after Kondraki's disappearance.

Dr. Mark Kiryu: Senior researcher and director of an anomalous items processing lab. Upon initial recruitment, had a successful career as a therapist (licensed psychologist). Worked extensively with SCP-1457 in his first years with the Foundation but doesn't talk about that, and has spearheaded several projects involving sapient SCP entities. Cheery attitude and a good listener; looks out for his coworkers and interns like a bit of a mother hen sometimes. Has a ceramic seahorse and potted bamboo on his desk.

Dr. Adam Leeward: Emotionally confused and ethically conflicted humanoid containment specialist from Site-11 and living in Site-81. May or may not have made a few mistakes, may or may not have cleaned up a few mistakes. Not without the standard degree of coldness in personality traits, but with a few (sometimes painful) soft spots.

Dr. Sophia Light: Biologist, surgeon and Site Director with far, far too many secrets. A likeable yet frightening person. Blunt, determined, calculating; good under pressure. Putting effort into remaining friendly and open (and emotionally stable). Bears minor facial scarring, and an old injury in her left hand sometimes impairs its functionality. Somewhat traumatic childhood; caretakers forced her to learn outdoor survival by leaving her stranded in the African wilderness for days on end. Joined the Foundation after a classified anomalous incident that killed eleven people, including her then-fiancee. Currently or formerly romantically linked with Troy Lament.

Dr. Samuel M. Lloyd: English memeticist and part-time HMCL Supervisor who shows up all over the place. Likes to keep tabs on whatever's going on, and likes interacting with anomalies more than is good for him. Cynical, self-centred, generally well-meaning but in over his head. Younger than you'd expect.

Dr. Everett Mann: Unconventional medical researcher with few scruples and a specialty in unusual forms of surgery. Jokingly referred to as a "mad scientist". Sometimes not-so-jokingly. (He objects to the term "mad scientist", claiming that "mad doctor" would be more accurate, and further that the difference should be plain to anyone with a proper academic background to speak of.) Easily willing to do monstrous things in the name of research. Possesses a dramatic mustache. Due to his upbringing, his cultural and popular knowledges are woefully out of date, leading to anachronistic and ridiculous situations.

Dr. Jaime Marlowe: Average researcher, specializing in space-time, extra-dimensional, and visual, spatial, and cognitohazardous anomalies. Previously described as "painfully, painfully, painfully average", notable more for minor interpersonal incidents and inappropriate outbursts when under stress. Marlowe's profile has slightly increased due to apparent unexplained connections to unrelated anomalous events which only appear to have increased in frequency.

Dr. Riven Mercer: Veterinary-focused researcher, the second-in-command of Kiryu Labs. Handles personnel allocation for incoming anomalous item caches, and often goes on outside assignments. Good with animals, and owns a grumpy bearded dragon lizard who lives in the lab.

Technical Researcher David Rosen: Technical Advisor and Researcher. Responsible for ensuring the continued functionality of Site-19's technical infrastructure. Known for being acerbic and marginally accident-prone, he also manages the facilities technical department very well and is widely see as a thrifty leader.

Dr. Katherine Sinclair: Acting head- and one of only two members- of the Occult Studies and Thaumatology division at Site-87 in Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin. Has been involved in numerous incidents, including the assault on Sloth's Pit by the now defunct Group of Interest Satyr's Reign, and the the 2014 Christmas Incident. Has burn scarring on her forearms from a botched flame ritual.

Dr. Connor MacWarren: Active researcher focusing on the development of anomalous technologies on top of being one of the board of directors at Site-98 in Philadelphia. Currently oversees his own department specializing in extradimensional anomalies. Humble, sarcastic, irritable, and absolutely loathes having to repeat himself every time anyone mishears his dry jokes. Former member of the Marine Corps. with a highly-prolific GOC agent for a father, now estranged.

Dr. Johannes Sorts: Memetic specialist and field researcher, with a doctorate in art history. Caucasian, late 30s, unshaven with greying brown hair. Slightly overweight, usually wears a grey cap. Obsessive, cowardly and paranoid in mundane situations, but solid and focused when presented with memetic or information based hazards. Multiple disciplinary reports due to poor choice of action under pressure, including the shooting of a guard while under my influence. Currently under psychiatric evaluation and restricted to safer projects.

Dr. Thaddeus Xyank: Presently low-level but extremely significant Foundation researcher. Specializes in temporal anomalies. Somewhat arrogant and long-winded, but considered an up-and-coming genius.

Dr. Daniel Asheworth: Thaumaturgist and self-proclaimed alchemist. Stubborn, temperamental, and sometimes arrogant, though usually useful just enough to escape disciplinary action. Born from an unknown Polish mother and an unknown American father in the late 1950s. Suspected of prolonging his youth through anomalous means.

Lead of the Damien Nowak Case. Believed to once have had been a temporary member of the Wanderers' Library and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, Daniel Asheworth has proven numerous times to be a useful asset in Site-120's operation.


[[tab Foundation Agents]]

Agent Green: Real name classified. Originally a GOC operative responsible for the assassination of reality benders. Became involved with a reality bender creating anomalous art, working with Agent Navarro. Has since become an anart specialist, leading investigations and acting as an advisor to other teams. Good with interrogations, and likes to be in charge. Never seen without a cigarette.

Agent Troy Lament: Containment and recovery specialist. Protege of Dr. Gears after Iceberg's suicide. Deeply scarred due to his experiences at the Foundation. Currently or formerly romantically linked with Sophia Light.

Agent Sasha Merlo: Cyber Operations Specialist. Current commander of MTF Gamma-13 (Asimov's Lawbringers). Cheerful, if rather dry and sarcastic. Several disciplinary reports for reckless actions during MTF field operations. Current support from Site-64's Director Holman suggest potential for eventual promotion to administrative duties in the future.

Agent Navarro: Originally captured as a Person of Interest in Portland, Oregon in mid-2004, and acted as a double agent for the Foundation until he was officially employed in late-2005. Called in as a specialist in cases of anomalous art, also acts as liaison between the Foundation and various anartists. Friendly and easy-going to the point of bordering fault. Easily recognized by his perma-stubble.

Agent Dmitri Arkadeyevich "Waxx" Strelnikov: Former Site Security Director, most famously former acting Site Director of Site-19. Former leader of now-disbanded MTF Red Dawn. Russian in origin, operated extensively in Eastern Europe. Strange sense of humor; subject of numerous infamous practical jokes. Now happily retired with a large pension.

Agent V. A. LaFerrier: Agent LaFerrier is a bug in the system. We don't really know their first name, but we know it begins with V. We don't really know their middle name, but we know it begins with A. We don't really know where they came from. We don't know who hired them. Hell, we don't know their gender — biological or otherwise. What we do know is that they are an astonishingly loyal and skilled agent, no matter what assignment you give to them. They've done their fair share of small and filler assignments, but they've also acted admirably in the field with MTF Pi-1, "City Slickers", MTF Sigma-██, "Working Man", and also with several other MTFs. How Agent LaFerrier maintains being an agent in multiple MTFs is unclear.

Agent Cyrus Trauss: In enlisting only a few months before secrecy was compromised, Trauss never had a chance to experience the Foundation away from the scrutinizing eye of Site-42's surrounding towns. Outspoken and personable in his youth, he served to provide an example of the Foundation's newer, publicity-friendly attitude; though as the organization's political needs changed, the type of loyalty he showed was more directly utilized.

Specialist Rhianne Watson: A thaumaturgy specialist working with Lambda-14, since their first encounter with the Ambrose Restaurant GoI. Known for her quick temper, but has been known to be more lighthearted at times.


[[tab Foundation Administrators]]

Director Jean Karlyle Aktus: Director of Site-81 and a seemingly impossibly old man, known for his analytic approach to containment leading to thorough and successful containment procedures. Aktus serves as the head of the Foundation's Classification Committee, and is also involved with several exotic mobile task forces, including Alpha-9 and Kappa-10.

Director Shirley Gillespie and Dr. Ralph Roget: Director Shirley Gillespie is a part of the oldest guard in the Foundation — holding a directorship in Site-77, a storage facility now disguised as an shipping center, for over fifty years. Although constantly rumored to be retiring, she still exerts influence, sometimes through her grandson, Dr. Ralph Roget.

Director Maria Jones: Director of Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA). Powerful and isolated, Director Jones ultimately controls much of the ebb and flow of information across the Foundation, both inside and between facilities. She has few friends, but is loyal to those few she has. Everyone knows her name as a matter of course, but few people know her.

Dr. Tilda D. Moose: Current Site Director of Site-19 and Co-Director of Site-17, having inherited the positions from a string of previous Directors. Stern, anxious, mildly obsessive. Can become overly passionate once something gets her going. Considered to have an outsized degree of influence given relatively short official length of tenure with the Foundation (under a decade). Some of Site-19's bureaucracy sees her as a figurehead, whether accurately or not.

Director Ruslav Diaghilev: Director Diaghilev has been involved with the Foundation for an unknown period of time, but currently heads the Alchemy Department from Site-127. Director Diaghilev is the resident expert on Alchemical phenomena and has assisted in the containment of several alchemic SCP objects. Additionally any and all alchemic creatures fall under his purview, though outside consultants may be required from time to time.

Director Diaghilev is the primary contact and educator for Foundation Alchemists on staff. Any and all requests for consultation can be directed to his office. Additionally, Director Diaghilev is assigned a personal MTF for the assistance in recovery of significant alchemic objects.

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